6th December (Mikolajki) is a day that all children are eagerly awaiting and galleries are outdoing in ideas.

Especially during this time the subconscious of the gallery client works very intensively and “analyzes” peripheral stimuli, such as: smell, lighting, music, background sounds and various visual elements (e.g. decorations).

A feeling of safeness and comfort at this moment is also important for shopping center customers – we know how to achieve it.

Event Agency PRESTIGE has many ways to:

    • make meeting with Mikołaj more exciting
    • make snow appeared even on a snowless day
    • convince Mikołaj’s team (mischievous elves) to conduct workshops with an environmental message
    • make writing letters to Santa so much different than usually
    • adult gallery customers felt special on this peculiar day

Mikolajki other than all – welcome!