Commemorative celebrations are special events

There are many moments in our lives that are extremely important, the character of which we want to emphasize, celebrate in a unique way.

It is worth entrusting the organization of such to specialists, because what you gain is a priceless time and lack of stressful responsibilities related to the event. Choosing a place, a menu, attractions or a photographer who will capture the most important moments – we take it on and in the meantime you jauntily spend your time with your guests.

We organize:

  • Thematic events
  • Spectacular engagement
  • Hen and Stag Evenings
  • Wedding parties
  • Divorce events
  • Birthday banquets
  • Communion and baptism,
  • Jubilee meetings
  • Other special events

How it works:

  • defining a goal
  • location selection
  • scenario development
  • cost calculation
  • implementation


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Gala with an intriguing artistic program, a press conference, or maybe an intimate meeting in a beautiful environment?


Opening of the new headquarter, a new store, a production hall? Always stylish, always elegant, just classy.


Entering the Polish market? New product? It will be loud, it will be interesting, it will be modern. It will be remembered!


Birthdays, concerts, shows, exhibitions, fairs, tenants’ promotions or educational, ecological, occasional actions? Of course!


Discussion panels, expert advice, scientific fun and games. We focus on novelty and educational value.


Unforgettable birthday banquet, jubilee meeting, communion, baptism, engagement, wedding? We will do it!