Attractions for shopping mall customers

For almost 10 years of operation Prestige Agency organized dozens of events in many shopping centers. We provide memorable experiences, valuable to the gallery Client, fit to his needs.

PRESTIGE Agency uses multisensory event solutions that make the event generate a lot of interest through the customers, build a positive image of the shopping center and is memorable.

We know how to attract the attention of people during their shoppings. Thoughtful sensory activities, involving different senses at the same time, make our realizations such unique.

How do we do this? See for yourself and organize the event.

Our events entertained and educated customers of many retail chains in Poland. Our portfolio is full of thematic and occasional projects, birthdays, concerts, shows, exhibitions and fairs.

How it works:

  • defining a goal
  • scenario development
  • cost calculation
  • implementation


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Gala with an intriguing artistic program, a press conference, or maybe an intimate meeting in a beautiful environment?


Opening of the new headquarter, a new store, a production hall? Always stylish, always elegant, just classy.


Entering the Polish market? New product? It will be loud, it will be interesting, it will be modern. It will be remembered!


Birthdays, concerts, shows, exhibitions, fairs, tenants’ promotions or educational, ecological, occasional actions? Of course!


Discussion panels, expert advice, scientific fun and games. We focus on novelty and educational value.


Unforgettable birthday banquet, jubilee meeting, communion, baptism, engagement, wedding? We will do it!