The launch of a new product is always accompanied by a lot of excitement

The organization of such events is particularly close to us.

Hostesses offering a treat from the tray? Presentation of the new car by pulling off the sheet of material? IT WAS ALREADY THERE. These numbers don’t come with us 😉

The spectacular effect that makes the event and therefore the product to be remembered for a long time – this is the key to success. We use state-of-the-art, virtual solutions.

Welcome to Prestige Events – we guarantee that you entrust your challenge to specialists.

How it works:

  • defining a goal
  • location selection
  • scenario development
  • cost calculation
  • implementation


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Gala with an intriguing artistic program, a press conference, or maybe an intimate meeting in a beautiful environment?


Opening of the new headquarter, a new store, a production hall? Always stylish, always elegant, just classy.


Entering the Polish market? New product? It will be loud, it will be interesting, it will be modern. It will be remembered!


Birthdays, concerts, shows, exhibitions, fairs, tenants’ promotions or educational, ecological, occasional actions? Of course!


Discussion panels, expert advice, scientific fun and games. We focus on novelty and educational value.


Unforgettable birthday banquet, jubilee meeting, communion, baptism, engagement, wedding? We will do it!