"Prestige" Event Agency

Yes, we have experience:

  • We have successfully completed hundreds of events
  • We cooperated with tens of subcontractors and facilities.
  • Our portfolio proves that it is worth carrying out events with us.
  • Thanks to practice, we know how to make the event an effective tool, leading to the success of your company.
  • For us, the event is like a piece of art, that by appropriately chosen means of expression positively affects the audience, stimulates thinking, engages and remembers.
  • Each event must be perfectly thought out and planned, attractions properly selected, and the scenario refined in the smallest detail – we know how to do it.
  • In our careers we've worked out a lot of different situations so we know what to watch out for, what not to organize, what employees won't like and what will delight them.
  • We have a Plan B in the event of unforeseen situations such as the inclement weather.
  • We are not afraid of challenges. We are pleased with demanding customers and with the implementation of projects with wow effect.
  • Continuous learning through years of practice, trainings and regular tracking of industry news makes us work effectively and our realizations are at a very high level. 

In our portfolio created over the years, the most valuable are logistically difficult realizations. Projects that happen simultaneously in different locations e.g. the opening of the manufacturing hall, accompanied by a presentation of the company and a solemn banquet ending with an evening art program. The event took place in various places of the extensive production plant – outside and in the middle of the halls, and the artistic part – in a castle a few kilometers away.

Picnic for several thousand people prepared in 2 weeks from the moment of signing the contract, which 200 people involved, with app. 20 workshop stations, a catering area, 25 inflatable stations and a massive schedule of events on the stage and beyond.

We are looking forward to working with you. Trust the experience!

Remember – Our experience and creativity, your multidimensional success.